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Schmooze 2003-2014


Project X- Survey

Schmooze may have come to an end, but you still have the chance to have your thoughts heard. Tell us what you liked, what you didn't and what you might like to see in the future by taking part in our quick 5 minute survey. You can be a part of PROJECT X! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FZ5W5T2
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Steve de Costa, Executive Director, Link Digital

Link Digital have supported Schmooze for over a decade, making this website possible. We invited Steve to reflect on his involvement at the Last Schmooze. Thank you for your thoughtful and generous comments Steve.

Guest Comments- the Last Schmooze

We invited some of our members and guests to reflect on their Schmooze experience.

Schmooze Showreel 2003-2014

We've prepared this short clip on YouTube that captures just some of the highlights of over a decade of Schmoozing. That's a wrap!




The Last Days of Schmooze

No party lasts forever, at some point the last guests have to go home, and the art of living, poker or business, is knowing when its time to quit when you're ahead.

So, as we flagged last year, we're wrapping up at the end of June after a memorable 10.5 years having achieved a great deal, having made a real difference to thousands of people's careers, dozens of charities community groups and professional groups along the way.

The full story of Schmooze will be available an e-book later this year, but our last events in June will your final opportunity to Schmooze.... don't miss them.


Some FAQs

Why is Schmooze closing down?

Well, the world is a very different place in 2014 to 2003 when we first started. Back then there no facebook, meet-ups, and a fraction of the professional or business networking groups there are now- we were ahead of our time!

But no business lasts forever, and business models need to evolve to new times. We think our model has come to a mature stage and we've prided ourselves at being leaders in this space and didn't want to get old and stale for the sake of sticking around.

We've acheived a great deal and could keep going but we think that the art of living, and business is to know when to quit when you are ahead and on a high note.

Even Seinfeld finished eventually.

Will Schmooze come back?

Not in its current form or brand. There are many drivers and pressures on busy professionals these days and plenty of distractions, membership models will need to evolve to respond to this, and this applies to assocations and other organsations in general. 

So we'll do some research and if we find a way to solve this problem successfully from a business point of view we may come back in a new incarnation.






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Project X- Survey

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